Bing’s monetization registration process

Bing’s monetization


When it comes to making money from a blog and website, we  have many options. Of all the advertising networks currently available, Google AdSense is the best, but it is also one of the most highly criticized, due to their strict rules. Many bloggers lose their hope of making money with AdSense once their AdSense account is disabled or not approved. is an alternative to AdSense and it has been getting great reviews from around the globe.  there are many great features of, one of them being a dedicated account manager to help you get started, and help you to make more money from the blog. is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and you will see only high quality and high paying ads through

Steps for registration process


Step 1: Type on browser address bar or click on the below link to proceed




Step 2: Click on SIGN UP button located on right side


Step 3: Enter Your website url in Your Website Field as showing in the picture


Step 4: Enter your Email ID associated with your blog/website in Email Address field as showing in the below picture


Step 5: Click on CONTINUE WITH SIGNUP button


bings media net monetization registration process


Step 6: Enter your Full Name in Name Field


Step 7: Type the captcha correctly as showing in the below picture


Step 8: Click on SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL button


Bing's monetization Step-2


Page would be redirected to confirmation page mentioning ‘We will review your request so keep an eye on your inbox for our email.


Bing's monetization Step-3


Wait for 2 days to get reviewed and approve your request. Once it is done we can start monetizing our website and blog with Ads Units code.


——-Monetization Steps would be written shortly on the below section——-


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