How to download YouTube videos easy and fast

download youtube videos type ss

Download YouTube videos: These days YouTube is a very popular media for providing information to viewers worldwide and any kind of information which we need, it’s available on YouTube.

People watching videos regularly on YouTube and some of the videos are very important and  want to keep with them in their mobile, laptop or pc. So that they can use the videos in absence of internet or away from internet. Specially if it is related to health, any learning stuff, popular songs, mantras, baby songs etc.

But when things comes to download we started thinking which software or browser we need to use, how we can download those videos etc.

But now no need to worry about this. We have a very simple process for downloading any videos which is available on YouTube and without any software or any specific browser we can do it. It’s working for all the browser correctly.

So lets see how we can do this:



Steps for Downloading YouTube videos:


  1. Launch your browser
  2. Type ‘
  3. Search for your desire videos and Click on it to play
  4. Go to URL of this video in address bar
  5. Type ‘ss’ between ‘  .  ‘ and ‘  y  ‘ and hit Enter


Then page will redirect to download page.

       6. Click on ‘Download’ button or Right click on it and select ‘Save link as’

Now you can observe that your video started downloading. Once it done you can enjoy your video without internet.

It’s So Simple isn’t it?


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  • Thanks Sir,
    This is very useful tip. Now we can download videos easily without installing any additional softwares.

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