WordPress: Delete the Footer Branding Text

WordPress Delete the Footer Branding Text



WordPress Delete the Footer Branding Text: When you install WordPress, the theme will show default copyright information and sometimes the designers branding. 


If You wish to delete branding  information as per our need, located on footer section of the theme, then below steps will help you to achieve your requirement.


Deleting the footer branding text in wordpress theme is very simple. Please follow the mention steps carefully.

Steps to Delete the Footer Branding Text


Step 1: Log into the WordPress Dashboard


Step 2: Navigate to Appearance -> Editor


Step 3: Click On the Theme Footer (footer.php) located on right hand side


Wordpress Delete the Footer Branding Text


Note: For Safe side take a backup of your code into notepad to avoid any code mess-up. Click anywhere in the code and select (CTRL+A) then copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) it in your notepad.


Step 4: Search (CTRL+F) for the branding text, you wish to delete (Example: Theme by, WP Puzzle)


Step 5: Select the code as it is showing on the above screenshot and delete it

– OR –


Comment the line, as showing below


<!-- <?php _e('Theme by','basic'); ?> -->


Step 6: Click on Update File button to save the changes.


It’s Done !


wordpress Delete the footer Branding Text


Refresh your website to see the changes


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